State Museum Of Painting And Sculpture

painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara, Atatürk, the great leader of the Turkish nation by architect Arif Hikmet Koyunoglu management was founded in 1927. The museum, which opened after the building was repaired in 1980, has become an institution with all the features of a modern museum in a short period of time. Today, the museum has become an art center where the most prominent works of artists who have played a major role in the development of Turkish painting and Sculpture Art, which has a much shorter history compared to other branches of art, are exhibited. Works of art that reflect the stages of formation and development of plastic art collections and their classification, including a library that fills the gap in this area and state of the art plastic, domestic, foreign, and of foreign embassies is being enriched every year with your new purchase and donations, the archives of Turkish artists work in this field responds adequately the needs of researchers who found here, which is one of the most important responsibilities of the museum, conservation of artistic works, while solving the problems arising from heat and moisture, is carried out using methods that give you the most successful results. Despite all conservation measures, a separate section created by experts for any damage that may occur in the works is located in the museum. When the building was repaired in 1980 and in the following years, great attention was paid to the creation of painting, sculpture and ceramics workshops serving both amateur and professional artists. For security reasons, the entire building is equipped with a closed-circuit television system, ultrasonic and fire alarm systems so that every part of the museum can be controlled. In addition to painting and original writing courses requested by the public over the museum facilities, special workshops (courses) for Turkish decorative arts, ceramics and sculpture will be opened as soon as possible. The exhibitions of painting,sculpture,ceramics, writing arts and photography planned to be held in Turkey within the framework of international cultural treaties are exhibited in three galleries reserved for permanent exhibitions, for which the works of foreign countries must be reported to the Turkish state. In addition, Turkish art works selected from the collection of museums are exhibited in foreign countries within the framework of international treaties. In addition to these exhibitions, solo exhibitions and competition exhibitions are among the other activities of the museum organized by the General Directorate of Fine Arts. The historic Great Hall, which was converted to its original(original) form during repairs, is used for concerts, theatre plays and cinema screenings. Serving the public with its modern cafeteria, retail stores and sound layout, which includes all the natural features of Contemporary Art Museums, this institution goes beyond an exhibition palace for old works of art.